I am a parent of 8 children! I love parenting. In addition to my full time job as a parent, I am also a middle school math teacher and a student who is working on their MSW. I am interested in all things that pertain to kids! Specifically, how to help kids.

I wanted to develop this site as my work as a social worker in the schools gave me insight into the variety and scope of issues that parents and children deal with on a daily basis. This blog came about when I was asked to find an area of interest for a professional development project. I wanted to specifically support transgender children and their parents. I saw how isolated these youth were. I felt for their parents who were trying to navigate uncharted waters. I saw the lack of resources. I started there… transgender youth. I wanted to create just a one page bulletin or pamphlet that was ‘A Place to Start’. From there it snowballed.

Children struggle with a variety of issues. Autism, Eating Disorders, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum, Drug Use, Mental Health Issues and so many others. There needs to be a quick ‘go-to’ place to get information, fast. I also included what I know about Student Intervention Support Services or Special Education and critical information about support services since many of the children who are dealing with issues, may also find themselves receiving services at school.

Make this blog interactive! Please comment and add information, anecdotal and additional resources. I look forward to helping!


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